Can this work for named users who have reader access only?

Jun 6, 2008 at 9:58 AM

I believe that this capability works with Anonymous users who need to start Workflows, however could we employ this for named users who have only reader access? 

We have a requirement where we have two documents being managed in one Library and use a workflow to extract data from doc type 'A' which gets passed into doc type 'B' however doc type 'A' needs to be complete read only and therefore can't operate under the normal parameters of standard Workflows. Type 'B' needs to be fully editable.  We will be copying in the 'A's from another library, and stripping from these (using the Delete List Item Permission Assignment workflow action from the CodePlex SPD Custom Workflow Activites capabilities) everything other than Read mode capabilities.

In order for all personnel to be capable of creating a 'B' doc type generic access to the library needs to be fairly open, so we are stuck with the problem of needing to be granular in the access control we give to our specific content types. 

If you can advise around how best this might be effected (if this is possible even) with this event handlers code I would be very grateful.

Regards - Alan C.